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Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

This is where the Escape Magic Begins.


You have 60 minutes.

We have themes full of excitement, adventure, suspense and intrigue. Choose your adventure.

Once you escape, you won’t want to leave!








Pipes and a Princess Escape Room


The escape rooms at Ichabod’s Escape are inspired by creativity.

Driven by technology for the most immersive and exciting escape room experience.







Zombie Escape Room Photo


This isn’t just your lock and key, puzzle type of escape.

Ichabod’s Escape is the most immersive escape room experience.

You will lose yourself in the mission!








Madder tea Party



Once you Escape

you won't want to leave!

Pipes and a Princess

Pipes and a Princess

Collect stars, solve levels and save the princess in this 8-bit childhood dream! A fan favourite of all ages!

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Madder Tea Party escape room

Madder Tea Party

This escape room leaps into the classic story, taking you on a curious adventure and sparking dreams of WONDERLAND!

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Protocol escape room


You and your highly-trained S.W.A.T. team have never met a mission like this before. Will you escape the A.I Queen and save the world?

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Atlantis Escape Room


YOU could be the team to prove the existence of ATLANTIS…. but will you make it back to the surface?

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