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Pipes and a Princess

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Let’s a-go escape! – Pipes and a Princess

A family-friendly adventure for the whole crew, Pipes makes your childhood TV screen a reality! Collect stars, solve levels, crawl through pipes and save the princess while immersed in your live retro game. But.. can you beat the bad guy before time runs out? The princess awaits! Moustache, overalls and extreme jumping skills required! Your 8-bit adventure starts here.

This room is recommended for players of all ages and is a great option for new escapees. Some of the puzzles can be made more or less difficult, so if you are looking for more of a challenge please leave a note on your booking.

Pipes and a Princess Points

As an active, next-generation adventure, Pipes and a Princess contains some crawling, balancing, stair-climbing and sliding. Additionally, there are some flashing lights and colour-identification involved in some puzzles.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these elements.


# of players: 2-8

Pipes and a Princess
pipes and a princess castle
Pipes and a Princess puzzle
Pipes and a Princess Castle

Pipes is our most popular birthday escape room destination!

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