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Learn to Escape with frequently asked questions (FAQ) from visitors to Ichabod’s Escape.

Want to know the nitty-gritty before you arrive? This is the place to find the answers to all our mysteries, and the questions most frequently asked by YOU!

From where to park, to what this whole “escape room” thing actually is, the puzzles of learning to escape have been solved below.

This information is updated frequently, and should be our most recent answers to these questions. If you’re unsure, please feel free to contact our team.


What is an Escape Room?

Essentially, an escape room is a themed room filled with puzzles and clues. You and your team need to work together to solve them in order, so you can unlock the final door.
The challenge is to solve all the puzzles within 60 minutes!
There is a large difference in escape room quality from business to business. Each facility has their own vision of what an escape room should be.
First generation rooms rely on padlocks, key-locks and word puzzles for teams to solve to escape. They are the least immersive and cheapest to create, with little or no technology.
Next generation rooms, like the ones at Ichabods Escape, are the most immersive. They can custom-control the player’s entire experience. They use electronic master-show controllers to set the game’s atmosphere and help immerse you into the world created around you!

Where can we park?

We know, we are right downtown! The horror of having to find parking is beyond what any normal person can bare!
We’ve got you covered.
Free parking is available for you at 303 Richmond St, on the corner of Richmond and Horton. It is the lot for Anderson College, across the street from the Labatt Brewery. You will need to walk about 1.5 blocks from there to our facility at 335 Richmond St.
Please note this lot is only available after 5pm on weekdays, and during our regular business hours on weekends. We cannot guarantee parking in this lot outside of these times.
Ichabod’s Escape is also not responsible for your belongings or vehicle while parked in this lot.

What's the cancellation policy?

What if we have to cancel our reservation?
Cancellations require a minimum 24 hours notice if you would like your deposit of $33.90 refunded to you.
If you cancel your reservation after that 24 hour period, we keep that deposit.
If possible, try and choose another date and time to visit before cancelling. We will happily reschedule your reservation to another day that works better, without needing another deposit*.
*A reservation can be rescheduled a maximum of 2 times before another deposit is needed, or the original deposit will be kept.

What if someone can't make it?

What happens if our team number changes?
Rats! What a disappointment, but we will survive.
Please feel free to let us know ahead of time if you feel like it, but it is not required.
We will not charge you for their admission if they do not play.
As long as your group size is between our minimum and maximum requirements for the rooms (2 players and 8 players) we are happy.
Please let us know your confirmed number of players once you arrive for your reservation, it’s a quick change for us that can be done easily.

Will you add other people to our group?

Will you be adding strangers to our group if we don’t fill the room?
Our escape room experiences are private events. When you book, you’re probably already bringing the people you’re OK being locked up with. (Reminder – you are NOT actually locked in.)
We will not add other people to your room, even if you only have 2 players!

What do you need to book?

What information is required to book a reservation?
Whether booking online or over the phone, we will need the following information:

First and last name
Phone number
Number of players
Which theme you’d like to play, and the time-slot you’d prefer
Email address (optional when booking over the phone)
A deposit of $33.90 (admission for 1 adult with tax) paid with a credit card


How much does it cost to play?

Is an escape room going to break the bank? How much does it cost to play?
Our prices work like an admission fee, so it is per player. It’s like buying a ticket to the movies, a carnival or any other awesome thing to do!
So, how much to play?
Adults cost $32.50 each plus tax.
Students 13 to 16 years old are $27.50 each plus tax.
Children 12 and younger are $22.50 each plus tax.
Due the the cost of cleaning and maintenance, room rentals of less then 3 players will be subject to a flat rate of $35.00 plus tax per person.
When booking online or over the phone, we require a deposit of admission for 1 person to hold your spot.

How do we ask for clues?

What if we’re stuck? How do we ask for clues?
Each group is given a walkie-talkie to bring along with them in the escape rooms.
The walkie-talkies are used to get a hold of staff at the front desk, so they can help when you need it.
So if you’re stuck, give us a shout on the walkie-talkie!
We offer unlimited clues at Ichabod’s Escape. Escape rooms are about having fun, and not limiting that experience. Our team is monitoring your progress while you play, they will know exactly what you need to solve that puzzle.

How long does it take to play?

So, how long does it really take to play an escape room?
You have 60 minutes to play your chosen escape room, and your timer starts once everyone is ready!
We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before your reservation time so admission can be settled, and the group can be briefed on the adventure that awaits them.
The entire process takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, minus bathroom breaks.
If possible, we will also allow extra time to play if the initial hour ends and you need some extra time. But, this is only if we can manage it without having our next team start late.

Will there be any actors in the room?

Are there any actors in our next-gen escape rooms?
There are no live actors at Ichabod’s Escape!
Our rooms are not meant to frighten you.
We communicate clues through walkie-talkies to help immerse you into your surroundings, so staff will not enter your game unless deemed necessary.

Are we really locked in the escape room?

Are we really locked in these escape rooms?
You are never locked in the escape rooms, this is against fire safety codes.
The door you enter the room through will always be unlocked while you play.
We recommend trying your best not to leave the room during your experience though, and only use the unlocked door for emergencies.
Don’t worry, we have bathrooms for before your timer starts!

Are Escape Rooms scary?

Are these escape rooms going to freak me out?
NONE of our current escape rooms are designed to be scary.
Our rooms are designed to challenge your brain, not your bravery.
Please feel free to contact us for more details. We are happy to provide you with a heads-up before booking.
If ANY of the themes we design in the future are scary, it will be clearly communicated and you will be notified before confirming your reservation.
We want you to have fun, not want to leave!

In Depth Escape

The questions above answer many of our general inquiries, but are you hungry for more escape room knowledge?

Want to know how these rooms are created? Observe the inner journey through the eyes of the team? Get a more in-depth look into what it takes to produce a next-generation, highly immersive escape room experience?

Each of our escape rooms takes us approximately 6 months to make, meaning there is a LOT that goes into their production. We try our best to think about every detail, and try to incorporate almost every sense! We aren’t just telling a story, we are creating an experience.