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Will you add other people to our group?

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Will you be adding strangers to our group if we don’t fill the room?

  • Our escape room experiences are private events!
  • When you book, you’re probably already bringing the people you’re OK being locked up with. (Reminder –  you are NOT actually locked in.)
  • We will not add other people to your room, even if you only have 2 players!

One Puzzle Fits All


One of the most difficult tasks of building an escape room is finding puzzles that can be played by teams as small as 2, and as big as 10!

There is a small team of room designers that work together to create these puzzles, and some puzzles just don’t make the cut!

For an inside look on all the successes and scraps of building one of our rooms, click here to visit our Building Atlantis Blog.

Atlantis Escape Room

Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have about escape rooms.

Click here to contact our team.