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What is an escape room?

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What are these escape room experiences everybody is talking about?

  • Essentially, an escape room is a themed room filled with puzzles and clues. You and your team need to work together to solve them in order, so you can unlock the final door.
  • The challenge is to solve all the puzzles within 60 minutes!
  • There is a large difference in escape room quality from business to business. Each facility has their own vision of what an escape room should be.
  • First generation rooms rely on padlocks, key-locks and word puzzles for teams to solve to escape. They are the least immersive and cheapest to create, with little or no technology.
  • Next generation rooms, like the ones at Ichabods Escape, are the most immersive, They can custom-control the players entire experience. They use electronic master-show controllers to set the game’s atmosphere and help immerse you into the world created around you!

Next Generation At Ichabod’s


Our current zombie-apocalypse themed room, Protocol, is the perfect example of a next generation escape room.

It is 100% automated and computer-controlled, which means that once puzzles are solved correctly, the electronics automatically trigger something. A prop or door will then unlock, or you’ll be led to the next step in the game.

Most importantly though, there isn’t a single keylock, padlock or combination lock in the entire scenario, just like in real-life! Good-bye, clunky old-school locks! Hello, immersive FUN!

Click here to follow the creation of our next, next-gen escape room Atlantis!

Escape room electronics

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