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What if someone can’t make it?

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What happens if our team number changes?

  • Rats! What a disappointment, but we will survive.
  • Please feel free to let us know ahead of time if you feel like it, but it is not required.
  • We will not charge you for their admission if they do not play!
  • As long as your group size is between our minimum and maximum requirements for the rooms (2 players and 10 players) we are happy!
  • Please let us know your confirmed number of players once you arrive for your reservation, it’s a quick change for us that can be done easily.

Great for Any Number


Pipes and a Princess is a great game for any group size, as well as any age!

This family-friendly adventure is great for younger video-game enthusiasts, as well as those looking for a blast for an 8-bit past!

Don’t worry though, we haven’t made rescuing the princess THAT easy.

Click here for more info on Pipes and a Princess.


Pipes and a Princess start button

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