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Covid 19 Protection Measures

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Covid 19 Protection Measures

Safety for our guests and staff is of utmost importance. Please understand that though we are much safer than the vast majority of retail and entertainment businesses (grocery stores, restaurants, malls, box stores) no business can provide a 100% protection guarantee against Covid-19.
The safety measures we are currently taking are:
– Rooms are staggered so your party is very unlikely even to see other parties.
– All rooms are fogged with non-toxic environize sanitizing solution between plays
– Touch points are also wiped down with sanitizing solution after fogging
– All staff wear masks and clean areas with gloves
– All groups are private and do not interact with other groups to keep bubbles separate
– We have removed all unnecessary props to keep the rooms as sanitized as possible
– All patrons are required to sanitize hands before entering our facility
– Masks and gloves are offered free of charge upon request
We would like to be notified of your visit to ensure that any additional steps are taken to keep you protected as much as we possibly can.


Say Hello To Our Little Friend

Before You enter our lobby or rooms and Immediately after you leave we disinfect every surface with our industrial airport grade Non Toxic Disinfecting Fog. It is 99 percent more effective than bleach. Then every possible touched prop is spray sterilized and wiped down again.

5 Stars for our diligent cleaning and sterilization measures (google reviews)

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