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How much does it cost to play?

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Is an escape room going to break the bank? How much does it cost to play?

  • Our prices work like an admission fee, so it is per player. It’s like buying a ticket to the movies, a carnival or any other awesome thing to do!
  • So, how much to play?
  • Adults and youth 13 and up cost $28.00 each plus tax.
  • Children 12 and younger are $18.00 each plus tax.
  • When booking online or over the phone, we require a deposit of admission for 1 person to hold your spot.
  • We also offer week day specials, and special promotions regularly!

Escaping on a Budget


A large chunk of the team here at Ichabod’s Escape are students at Western Univerity and Fanshawe College, and we love London’s students!

We also know that school is EXPENSIVE. So, we’ve set up a special night for London’s students.

Every Thursday, students can receive a 15% discount off their escape room admission when they show us their student card!

This deal and our other weekday specials can be found on our social media pages!

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Student discount

Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have about escape rooms.

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