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Ichabod’s Escape is a leader in creative entertainment. Our goal is to take you and your team outside of your everyday working routines and build new connections through our immersive adventures. Featuring our technology-driven, live escape rooms, Ichabod’s Escape offers a scenario that will appeal to every member of your team.

We know how important team-building is! Working together in a fun and social setting, away from the workplace will captivate your team, energize imagination and build stronger relationships that you can bring back to work. Don’t be surprised if your workplace wants to team-build more often!

Ichabod’s Escape is dedicated to the experience, and creating an environment where teams work together to finish tasks quickly by supporting each other. It’s not just about getting out, our games are so much FUN that you won’t want to leave!










Special Event Space

Your team is unique, and like no other team out there! So let’s make your experience just right for you! We will work with you to find the best way to cater to your needs.

Find the escape room that best suits your group.


As London, Ontario’s most immersive escape game, we are proud to offer one of the largest facilities, as well as ample amounts of on-site free parking in London’s downtown core. We offer catering, pre and post briefing sessions, as well as the comfort and convenience of being able to exclusively enjoy our entire facility for the duration of your event. 

Sciencetech Corporate Event
London Company Sciencetech enjoys a corporate event

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