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How do we ask for clues?

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What if we’re stuck? How do we ask for clues?

  • Each group is given a walkie-talkie to bring along with them in the escape rooms.
  • The walkie-talkies are used to get a hold of staff at the front desk, so they can help when you need it.
  • So if you’re stuck, give us a shout on the walkie-talkie!
  • Our team is monitoring your progress while you play. They will know exactly what you need to solve that puzzle!
  • We offer unlimited clues at Ichabod’s Escape. Escape rooms are about having fun, and not limiting that experience!

Electronic Ease


Did you know that our rooms have been designed with your convenience, and our staff’s in mind?

Each electronic control panel is equipped with a scroll-through list of the puzzles within the escape room. This offers the option to skip puzzles if you’re having trouble with them from the outside. These panels also let our staff know which puzzle you’re working on when you ask for clues.

This makes for a speedy transition for you to move on (you know, since it’s timed) and makes helping you a breeze for our team! These control panels also let us confirm each puzzle is in working order before your timer starts.

Click here to get an inside look into the making of these electronics by visiting our Building Atlantis Blog! 


Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have about escape rooms.

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