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Are we really locked in the escape room?

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Are we really locked in these escape rooms?

  • You are never locked in the escape rooms! This is against fire safety codes.
  • The door you enter the room through will always be unlocked while you play.
  • We recommend trying your best not to leave the room during your experience though, and only use the unlocked door for emergencies. 
  • Don’t worry, we have bathrooms for before your timer starts!

Slide into an Escape Win!


Our entrance doors are always unlocked, but that doesn’t mean our escape exits are always just a locked door. With our next-generation escape rooms, how could they be?

To escape Pipes and a Princess, you must climb the tower to rescue the princess, then SLIDE your way to victory!

Click here for more information on our escape room, Pipes and a Princess!

Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have about escape rooms.

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