Dave Telling the story of Atlantis

Story Is King

At Ichabod’s Escape THE STORY IS KING. Once you step through our doors everything you see is based on a story. Our lobby for example, was a iconic bar in Downtown London. One night a curse was laid upon it and the building became infiltrated with mystical vines and tree’s that quickly turned the bar into an overgrown jungle. A small plane, flying low over towards the airport became tangled in the vines and crashed. Such a enchanted place had to become our new home. The plane remains today, along with the pilot..  and that’s exactly what you will see when you visit our escape house. The story isn’t over yet.. stay tuned for new changes.

At Ichabod’s our guests can expect a fun, entertaining and above all an ‘out of the ordinary’ adventure that provides an escape from the day to day life.

Each adventure is an entertaining story, visually, audibly, and tactically. You each have a mission with challenges along the way. Everything you will experience becomes that story. What you won’t find along your journey are padlocks. We keep those only to lock up your belongings during your adventure. 

So, the first step in creating our rooms is creating the story in point form, and tell anyone who will listen, because the more times you tell a story the better the story gets.

“The tale grew in the telling” … JRR Tolkien

Here is the original initial bullet point story for Altantis:

  • A very old book is discovered in a forgotten section of the London library.
  • It contains the diary of an archeologist that had used a homemade submarine to travel to an underwater domed city of atlantis.
  • It seems that Atlantis never sank it was protected by a waterproof dome and although all of it’s people had left it is still there.
  • After much ridicule from his peers, the archaeologist was seeking proof of Atlantis and now so are you and your friends.. 
  • You use the clues in the book  to locate and gain access to the archaeologists homemade steampunk inspired Submarine.
  • It’s very old and almost immediately after you submerse the old sub starts to malfunction.
  • Somehow you manage to make it to the underwater dome and a cave entrance to an ancient Atlantis temple.
  • You and your team crack the codes and solve the puzzles the ancient Atlantians had set up to protect the temple from outsiders.
  • Once inside the more difficult task of locating and returning proof of Atlantis begins.

Sorry we don’t want to give it all away, and by now you get an idea of how an escape room with a great story is much better than a random series of unrelated puzzles in an everyday environment. 

Next Steps:

Making the best puzzles, props and effects.